How to add Flying twitter Bird To your Blog

How to add Flying twitter Bird To your Blog
Twitter is one of the best social networking site with over 200 million users, generating Millions of tweet every Minutes, it has become a must for every web master to use twitter sharing buttons and applications as much on his web as possible. We have discussed the impact of social networking site, on our blog, and we have also discussed, how to add the large share button to our Blog…
today we will be discussing a simple tricks on how to add the twitter following bird to your website, f you are viewing this website from your computer, you will noticed there is a bird flying around the page, following your mouse Did you Noticed??

Just Follow the steps below and you will add the Flying twitter bird to Your Blog
  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for </body>
  4. And just above it paste the code below
<script src='http://bloggerblogwidgets.googlecode.com/files/way2blogging.org-tripleflap.js' type='text/javascript'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var twitterAccount = &quot;
var tweetThisText = &quot; <data:blog.pageTitle/> : <data:blog.url/> &quot;;
5.  Replace the Word in red
Globalwalyy with your twitter account username.
    6.  Preview your template
View your blog to see it flying..You should be seeing the twitter bird flying around your blog

Now save your templates… Hope the Bird is flying???
Leave your comment below, to tell us if the bird is flying.. with this you will get twitter follower and your readers will also be able to tweet your post, with this you are Getting more traffic


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  3. how can i add it in my site???

  4. Cool! It worked excellently! I have used it in http://www.loadedspot.com .Thanks!


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