What Is Scam Test, and How to Know if A site Is a Scam Site or Not

What Is Scam Test, and How to Know if A site Is a Scam Site or Not
If you are into making money online, through Affiliate, HYIP and Surveys, then you must have fallen into many of this scam site...
have you ever worked for a site who promised to pay you, and at the end of the day, after working and referring people to them, you detected they are scam site, they didn’t pay you what they are suppose to pay….
you don’t need to feel embarrassed or disgraced to have fallen into the hand of this scam site, In fact even the Greatest INTERNET MARKETERS must have once fallen into the hand of scam site….
How can I Detect If A site is scam site Before working For them?
You can detect a scam site using the power of Google, let me tell you this secret, no matter how new a website is, always note that you are not the first person to worked with them.. So I will advise you to Do a GOOGLE scam Test
Google is the world best search engine tools, am I right? If yes then you should know what I mean by Google scam test
This is how the work is done, any time I came across a website online, before I worked or even register this is what I do.. follow this steps below, and you will detect if the site is a scamming site or not

Step one- go to www.google.com
step two- type any of these keyword in Google search
                        www.thesite.com (scam)
                        www.thesite.com (review)
                        www.thesite.com (testimonies)
Step Three- Hit the search button

Google will brought out thousand of search result, I mean thousand of site people have talked about the site, open at least  five blog or forum, read about what others are saying about the website, then from there you will detect if a site is scam or not

If they are once a scam, don’t worked with them, they may end up scamming you again
Pleases note that people Testimony written on their website, may be fake...

Did you know if the site is a scam site or not... Let us know b leaving the comment box
below, don’t forget to share who know you might be saving someone from falling into the hand of scammed site…
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  1. i want to know maybe www.virtapay.com is a scam website

    1. @adesanya VIRTAL PAY , have received so many question about them, but from my own point of view. VIRTAL PAY is not a scamm site, BUT you can never withdraw money from virtalpay, the money can also be use to buy wht people also want to sell with virtal pay, but as of the date am writting this, you cannot withdraw money from Them....thanks for dropping by and hope this help??


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