Addynamo ads can be used with Google Adsense But

Addynamo ads can be used with Google Adsense But

Are you really curious about the BUT in the post title?? the you surely need to read this,
Not so long ago i wrote about Monetize and make money from your blog with Ad Dynamo
But i received so many comment from the lovers of Google Adsense, asking if its possible to make use of the the syetem to earn from their blog, i mean Google Adsense and Addynamo..
After so many research i came to discover that it is very mush possible to use the two together, but, there are some issue you need to take precautions about , to avoid been hit hard by Google Adsense Sledge Hammer.. Because i have been using it on one of my Adsense Blog
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Google Adsense and Addynamo Join Together

as we all know that Addynamo is a new comer to the business, people are using the opportunity to advertise their Fake, and Get rich Quick advert, which we all know they surely cant try that with Google Adword, and which is against Google Adsense Policy
To avoid the banned, you need to know how to block some get rich quick and fake advert from showing on your Blog
 How To Block some Addynamo Advert on your Blog 
Always Noticed new Get Rich Quick advert and banned them before Google start complaining of you posing Risk to their advertiser.... How To Block some Addynamo Advert on your Blog 

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  1. Omg walyy wat a great post you made here,,, I love this article u jst hit the nail on the wall no ni,, Kudos, i might hav a pair of dis on my tech blog

  2. Adsense doesn't work on my blog anyways



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