How to Make a Lamp from an Orange in 1 minute

Today's tricks is one of the best tricks you can ever found on the internet, because today you will lean how to make a lamp from an orange peels,
 i was just watching some video around YouTube, when i came across this video so, i had to practice it and it 100% work better..

make a one minute lamp orange
How to make a Lamp Orange from cashdove.com
Things needed to make the tutorial work
  1. Orange (fruit) 
  2. Olive oil
Difficult level
i wouldn't be explaining mush, i will just allow the video below to finish the Tutorial
Note No electricity needed
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  1. Shame that the orange had to be sacrificed to give us light though. Nifty tutorial.

    1. Its not like we are really going to use the orange, we only need the peel so we can still drink the orange /not a big deal

  2. I dnt knw how 2 watch d vedio.explanation pls

  3. I dnt knw how 2 watch d vedio.explanation pls


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