How To display Advert In between Post on Wordpress Blog

How To display Advert In between Post on Wordpress Blog

Have you ever been looking for a way to insert advert in the middle of your post, without doing it manually every-time you write a new post.

I received several message from my lovely readers, on how i put advert in between one of my wordpress blog post, so i decided to share how you can put advert in between post on wordpress,

Putting Advert in between post, is one of the easiest things to do with the help of  Wp-Insert Plugin

What is  Wp-Insert Plugin?

Wp-Insert is the most powerful yet easiest to use WordPress Ad management plugin which does a lot more than ad management.

Wp-Insert can manage your ads, Google Analytics or any other tracking scripts, legal stuff and even make editing your themes or writing code in content easier for you.
All these from within a well contained and easy to use interface.

Just Follow the steps below and you will be happy seeing your advert displaying

  1. Download Wp-Insert Plugin , Or search and installed directly from your Wordpress dashboard, After downloading and Installing the Plugin, Open the Plugin 
  2. Navigate to the Wp-Insert Plugin setting right from your wordpress Dashboard
  3. Generate your advert code, and place it where exactly you want, its can either be above post, below post, middle of post, right and left of post, that is left for you to decide..
What did you think about this plugin, Did you have any other suggestion more better than this? please make use of the comment box below..


  1. Same work with Post-Layout Plugin..

    1. Sure Bro almost the same work but no desame, this one have the power of add privacy policy, stop adsense from showing on a page... Thanks for dropping your comment


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