Major Reason Why you should not activate the new Google+ Blogger comment

Major Reason Why you shouldn't activate the new Google+ Blogger comment

We all know that not so long Ago Google launch the new blogger Google Plus Comment, Many Bloggers like +Jide Ogunsanya  are already using the new Blogger Google Plus comment , but there are some major reason I + Globalwalyy Temilola will not use it on most of my Blog, even though the new Features look neat and beauty and can as well load you some traffic from Google plus

Major reason You shouldn't activate the new Google Plus Blogger comment

Even though the new Google plus is beautiful and can as well drive some Googleplus traffic to your blog, but there are some major reason i would not use it, except These reason are well taken care of
  • How can only  Google plus Register members be able to comment on your Blog

    Yes, i mean how can only Google plus user be able to comment on your blog, are all your traffic from Google plus? what will happen to your loyal reader from Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg scoop.it etc are you already telling them they can no longer voice out their opinion on your blog post?, Or is it a must they register on Google plus ?...

  • Anonymous comment

    This is one of the major reason i will not use Google plus comment on most of my Blog. I received Anonymous comments most from my reader that came directly from search engine, Most of them are not Bloggers, and most of them don't even know what Google plus Is..
    Googleplus and Blogger
  • How many Active Non Bloggers are using Google Plus?

    Yes you heard me right, I know right now Google plus have millions of active users, but how many of them are not bloggers? That means i will advice you to activate the new Google plus blogger comment  only if most of your readers are bloggers, i mean if you are mostly writing for blogger 
These are the main reason am currently going to stay away from new Blogger Google plus comment, so What did you think? did you think those reason a genuine enough for me to ignore Google plus new comment advantages?

Kindly use the comment Box below, Let me learn what am already missing out from you.


  1. Thanks bro for this info,i tot of it when i got the news.But according to reliable source,you can stil be using other comment system like disqus

    1. @Ebima yes you are still be using other comment box, such as Facebook and disquss but using it alone is a no go area for me...

      Thanks for dropping your comment

  2. hi,
    its a realy great feature by google to use Google+ comment it makes blogger more social its easy to use. the facebook comment system is already avilable. now we can use both at same time, but as you tell the reasons to say goodbye google comments thanks for sharing.
    happy Blogging :)

    1. Yes you are really right, with the help of Facebook comment box, we don't really have to worry, we can just use the two comment box together, and its really gonna make great impart on our blog...

      Thank you for dropping your comment.

  3. You are right man !
    Google Plus Comment system are good for blogger targeting the bloggers but not for all other. Hope google add some more features to it.

    1. Yes Rajeeb we all hope Google add more features to the comment.. till then we can just add the facebook comment box, to make things balanced :-d :-d :-d

  4. My problem is totally different!

    When I activated Google + Comment option, all of my existing comments are hidden!!!

  5. usually is good to let website's default comment widget active and eventually to implement a comment widget for Facebook. that should be more than enough


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