How to survived from GOOGLE PENGUIN UPDATE

How to survived from GOOGLE PENGUIN


In order to give better service to its users, Google keeps on  updating   its rules and regulations, Google  introduced new algorithms which takes care of websites and its contents .GOOGLE PENGUIN UPDATE got introduced on April 24, 2012 to avoid good ranking of blogs only by search engine optimization , excessive link building with quality less articles and lots of key word stuffing .Google says after introducing “Google penguin update” algorithm only 3% websites has been affected by it.
So to survive from GOOGLE PENGUIN UPDATE you need to focus on articles that you are posting on your blogs. Contents of your blog should be effective enough and meaningful. An effective content not only helps to increase your page rank or to give a good traffic but also it makes a viewer to search for same content again and again. Hence now it comes to effective writing and how to write contents which will get indexed for its quality only.
Follow following writing tricks to survive from Google penguin update.
Stop there!!! I am GOOGLE PENGUIN

Don’t use your keywords unnecessarily:

It is a great idea to repeat your keywords to increase rank but you may get penalized or removed from ranking list totally for excessive and unnecessary use of keywords. So use keywords only when it is needed so that your content will look good to read. So focus on quality article rather than keyword-optimizing.

Try to write social contents:-

If you write articles in such a way that it gets popularity in social media or social networks then without depending on Google to increase your page rank and traffic you can do it automatically in indirect way. So write your articles on hot topics, taking care of content quality not quantity.

Create contents for other websites and blogs:-

Providing facility for guest blog posts to publish on others blogging sites can also give an advantage to your blog. To earn quality back links and gain new exposure it will help a lot but take care of providing your contents to quality content publishers.

Post a newsletter regularly:-

 By providing a newsletter in daily basis it will make few viewers to visit your blog regularly. So that when you get regular viewers for your newsletter, then you can redirect them to your other contents which will give rise to a good number of daily visitors on your site and indirectly to a better rank.
Create useful resources:-

 Always try to hit informative and useful topics. Once if someone finds information about some useful thing from your content it will get shared automatically and also you will start getting comments as well as complements on it which will naturally get addressed by search engines as well as social networks.
Simplify like, share and comment options on your content:-

 It is the best way to get more visitors on your article as well as to promote your blog. Always keep like, share and comment options on your content in such a simplified way that each viewer will follow it. Here you can get new visitors on your site through social networks and can also increase traffic on your page.
These tricks will not only increase your page rank or visitors but also will create a value of your blog. By following these stapes you can easily get survived from Google penguin updates.


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